The Year To Date

Welcome to our blog! Our goal in using this website is to provide an easily accessible platform to share information, spread learning, and celebrate the mission of the Aghor Foundation. Below is an overview of some events to date in 2015.

January 26th – Republic Day

Republic Day celebrates the day the Indian constitution came into force. The Anjali schoolchildren hosted a performance in honor of this national holiday, performing skits and traditional song and dance. Below are a few pictures, and everyone greatly enjoyed the performance.

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February 12th – Babaji’s arrival

After traveling from Sonoma, Babaji arrived at the ashram. Everyone was very excited for his arrival, and he gave darshan despite the exhausting travel. His presence has instilled everyone with new vigor after the long winter months.

February 17th – Shivaratri

The festival celebrating Shivaji’s marriage to Parvatiji was held with great fanfare at the ashram. Many people came for visiting, pooja, darshan, and audience with Babaji.


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